The Model 6620A provides precision phase measurements with a typical accuracy of 0.02� and a resolution of 0.01� over most of the frequency range. It will accept a wide range of input signal levels from 10mVrms to 320V rms and input waveforms including sine, triangle, square and pulses. A 5 digit LED display provides continuous direct readout of phase angles between 0.00� and 360.00� or �180�. These two ranges can be manually or automatically selected.

The 6620A is the ideal instrument for precision phase angle measurements and provides more performance/dollar than any other phasemeter in its class. A broad range of applications include monitoring servo control systems, low impedance measurements, adjustment of crystal resonance, testing and adjustment of filter networks, controlling laser trimming of resistor networks, measurements in ac power systems, secondary standard and general testing and measurement.


Model 6620A
Precision Phasemeter

Front View  |  Rear View
Frequency Range 10Hz to 5MHz
Accuracy 0.05�
Resolution 0.01�
Input Volts 320V rms
Remote Control GPIB
Data Sheet Data Sheet
Manual Operating

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