Multichannel Systems provide high channel count solutions for signal conditioning applications such as anti-aliasing in digital signal processing, separating specific bandwidths of information, enhancing signal-to-noise ratio, low noise pre-amplification and more. Five-slot and 16-slot chassis are available for total channel counts from 1 to 32. All filter/amplifier cards plug-in from the rear panel and are controlled via the front panel keyboard or over the GPIB interface.

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Model Model 3905C
Model 3916C
Model 30A
Plug-In Card
Model 31A
Plug-In Card
Model 34A
Plug-In Card
Model 35
Plug-In Card
Model 38
Plug-In Card
5 Slot Chassis Model 3905C 16 Slot Chassis Model 3916C 1 Channel LP Elliptic Plug-In Filter Card Model 30A 1 Channel HP Elliptic Plug-In Filter Card Model 31A 2 Channel LP/HP Butterworth/Bessel Plug-In Filter Card Model 34A 1 Channel LP Butterworth/Bessel Plug-In Filter Card Model 35 1 Channel LP/HP Butterworth/Bessel Plug-In Filter Card Model 35
Front View
Rear View
Front View Discontinued Discontinued Larger View Larger View
Attenuation Rate     24dB/Octave 24dB/Octave 48dB/Octave
Independent Channels Up to 10 Up to 32     2 1 1
Cutoff Frequency     3Hz to 2MHz 170Hz to 25.6MHz 0.03Hz to 1MHz, LP
0.03Hz to 300kHz, HP
Responses     Butterworth, Bessel Butterworth Butterworth
Functions     LP, HP, BP, BR * LP * LP, HP
BP, BR Channels     1 N/A N/A
Input Type     SE ** SE ** SE **, Differential
Input Volts     1.5V peak 1.5V peak 10V peak
Output Volts     6.5V peak 3V peak 10V peak
Pre-Filter Gain     20dB 20dB 50dB in 10dB steps
Post-Filter Gain     20dB 26dB 20dB in 0.1dB steps
Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet     Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet
Manual Operating Operating     Operating Operating Operating
 *  LP = low-pass, HP = high-pass, BP = band-pass, BR = band-reject; Band-pass and band-reject require 2 channels.  ** SE = Single-Ended

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