Our Model 6900B is the first and only fully automatic Distortion Analyzer to provide an easy solution to your distortion and AC voltage measurements needs over the frequency range from 5Hz to 1MHz. This fully automatic distortion analyzer is ideal for both precision laboratory measurements and routine production testing. It provides faster error free measurements for the unskilled operator.


Model 6900B
Distortion Analyzer

Front View  |  Rear View
Frequency Range 5Hz to 1MHz
Input Voltage 100mV rms to 130V rms
Distortion Range 0.005% to 19.9%
Distortion Accuracy 0.01%
Internal Oscillator 1kHz
AC Voltage Measurements 0.01V rms to 130V rms
Auto-Range Yes
Auto-Level Yes
Auto-Null Yes
Option BCD Output
Data Sheet Data Sheet
Manual Operating

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