Our DC Source/Calibrators are designed for a typical applications such as the design, check and calibration of high speed, high resolution A/D converters; design and certification of high speed data logging and process control systems; calibration of digital voltmeters and multimeters; as an “IMBEDDED STANDARD” and/or simulator; design, testing, simulation and certification of thermocouples, strain gages and transducer instrumentation.


Model 523
4ppm Accuracy

Model 526
Replaces Analogic® 8200
20ppm Accuracy

Model PCR100
100 Ohm Thermally Stable
Current Resistor

Front View  |  Rear View

Front View  |  Rear View Larger View
Voltage Output Range ±10nV to ±111.11119V ±100nV to ±111.1110V Nominal Value
100 ohms ±100ppm
Resolution 10nV
Calibration Uncertainty
Noise 2µV p-p
20nA p-p
2µV p-p
25nA p-p
Temp Coefficient
Current Output Range ±1nA to ±110.99999mA ±10nA to ±110.0000mA Measured
Stability (24 hrs) 1ppm + 1µV 5ppm + 1.5µV Stability (1 year)
Accuracy 4ppm 20ppm  
Settling Time 10ms 2ms  
Remote Programming GPIB GPIB and LAN (optional)  
CE Certified Yes Yes Yes
Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet
Manual Operating Operating  
Application Notes Jet Engine Testing
Oil Well Prospecting
Wind Tunnel Testing
Jet Engine Testing
Oil Well Prospecting
Wind Tunnel Testing

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