The below list of OPERATING MANUALS ONLY, not service manuals, that are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
The material is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of Krohn-Hite Corporation.

Not all models are available for download. Call factory for availability if yours is not listed.

The table of contents of each manual may indicate other sections that are not available in the Operating Only downloaded version.

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Model Number File Size Description
7000 707k Preamplifier, Differential, DC to 1MHz
7008 5M 8 Channel Preamplifier, Differential, DC to 1MHz
 7500  313k  75 Watts; DC to 1MHz; 140Vrms Output; 625mA, Gain of 100
 7600(M) 329k  17 Watts; DC to 1MHz; 141Vrms Output, Gain of 100
 7602(M)  329k  34 Watts; DC to 1MHz; 282Vrms Output, Gain of 100
 MT56R  2.5M  Impedance Matching Transformer


511  266k  DC Voltage, 100nVdc to 11.1110Vdc, 10ppm Accuracy
521  1.0M  DC Voltage and Current; GPIB Programmable
522  538k  Low Noise DC voltage and Current GPIB Programmable
523  815k  4ppm Precision DC Voltage Source/Calibrator GPIB Programmable
526 12.2M  DC Voltage and Current; GPIB Programmable

Distortion Analyzer

6900B 3.0M  5Hz to 1MHz; 0.1V to 130Vrms Input Voltmeter; Totally Automatic


3361 523k  0.1 to 200kHz, 4-Pole Single channel benchtop filter
3362  523k  0.1 to 200kHz, 4-Pole Dual channel benchtop filter
3364  523k  0.1 to 200kHz, 4-Pole Four channel benchtop filter
3381  901k  0.1 to 200kHz, 8-Pole Single channel benchtop filter
3382  901k  0.1 to 200kHz, 8-Pole Dual channel benchtop filter
3384  901k  0.1 to 200kHz, 8-Pole Four channel benchtop filter
3940  563k  Dual Channel; 3Hz to 2MHz
3944  563k  Four Channel; 3Hz to 2MHz
3945  248k  Three Channel; two channels, 3Hz to 2MHz; one channel; 170Hz to
 25.6MHz;  24dB/octave
3955  847k  Dual Channel; Low-Pass, 170Hz to 25.6MHz, 24dB/octave
3988  497k  Dual Channel; 0.03Hz to 1MHz; 48dB/octave
3905C  291k  Mainframe; GPIB Programmable, up to five plug-in cards
3916C  301k  Mainframe; GPIB Programmable, up to sixteen plug-in cards
30A  730k  Single Channel, 115dB/octave; Elliptic
31A  2.3M  Single Channel, 115dB/octave; Elliptic
34A  671k  Dual Channel; 3Hz to 2MHz
35 1.9M  Single Channel; 170Hz to 25.6MHz 24dB/octave
38  618k  Single Channel; 0.03Hz to 1MHz 48dB/octave
6620A 559k  10Hz to 10MHz; 0.05 Accuracy 0.01 Resolution; GPIB Programmable
Signal Sources
1200A 342k  Function Generator; 0.2Hz to 3MHz Linear Sweep; DC Offset
4402B  291k  RC Oscillator; 1Hz to 110kHz Ultra-Low Distortion of 0.0002%

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