Rid Anti-Aliasing Signals
Aliasing occurs when an input signal has frequency components at or higher than half the sampling frequency (or rate). If the signal is not correctly filtered (or band limited) to eliminate these frequencies, they will show up as aliases or spurious lower frequency components that cannot be detected from valid sampled data. These errors in data are actually at a higher frequency, but when sampled, appear as a lower frequency, and thus, false information.

Model 7500 Amplifier Parallel Drive Configuration
If you have a transformer that can handle the voltage and not saturate at lower frequencies, but need more power, you can drive it with the Parallel Drive Configuration.

Model 7500 Amplifier Push-Pull Configuration
Proper way to set-up the Model 7500 Wideband Power to achieve a Push-Pull Drive arrangement.

Model 7500 Amplifier Series Configuration
With two Model 7500's and two MT56R Transformers, you can add power from both amplifiers without concern for balancing output resistors.

Oil Well Prospecting
Much initial oil well prospecting is accomplished by analyzing the shock waves produced by scientifically placed explosive charges.  Various sensors are strategically located and connected to instruments to record the seismic waves.

Jet Engine Testing
Calibrators and Jet Engine Testing with Krohn-Hite Calibrators

Wind Tunnel Testing
Automatic Balance Calibration System (ABCS) which calibrates wind tunnel balances.

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